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Photos From Around the World: Millions Brave Crowds to Ring in 2016

Millions of individuals gathered in cities across the world to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome the New Year.

Take a look at scenes from around the world.

Photos from Around the World:

Fireworks go off as the new year is rung in in Times Squar…

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Chilling Photos Show San Bernardino Attackers’ Pipe Bombs, Firearms and Ammo

Chilling photos released by California authorities Thursday showed for the first time the firearms used by the two San Bernardino shooters who killed 14 and injured more than a dozen the day before.

The photos showed two high-powered rifles and two …

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Daily Caller Would Like To Resettle Sexy Syrian Refugees In Tucker Carlson’s Pants

Check out this SUPER HILARIOUS FUNNY post on Daily Caller, filed in its “Entertainment” section, about how some of these war-torn Syrian refugee ladies are WAY boneable, amirite, Tucker Carlson? It looks like this: Get it? They are “Syria-sly hot,” because that is a pun, and the Daily Caller is known for being funny. The post

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Landmarks Across the U.S. Show Solidarity With France After Paris Attacks

Landmarks across the U.S. glowed the colors of France’s flag Friday night to show solidarity with the country after multiple terror attacks struck Paris killing scores of people.


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Twelve months of Barack Obama

A look back at some of President Barack Obama’s 2014 photographic highlights, starting with January:

President Barack Obama checks in on First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia as they prepare burritos while volunteering at the DC Cent…

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Photo Diary: Saving the Senate in pictures

Almost two weeks ago, I relocated from my home in Portland, OR, to Louisville, KY, to volunteer with the Ditch Mitch campaign. Below is a photo diary of campaign life.
You don’t have to move to Kentucky to help save the U.S. Senate from a tea party tak…

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Stupidest Men On The Internet Just Vomiting Ebola Errrewhere

Hey, it's not ponies...

Hey, it's not ponies...

Stupidest Man in the World Jim Hoft and Stupidest Guest-Blogger in the World Kristinn Taylor have done their part to help Americans concerned about the Texas Ebola case. They cut right through all the facts and medical information out there, and get straight to the screaming fits of panic we’ve all been longing for. On Wednesday, Hoft posted this headline, designed to clearly and calmly inform his readers of the simple facts: “BREAKING>>> Dallas Ebola Patient VOMITED WILDLY Outside Apartment On Way to Hospital.” And then, Thursday, Hoft ran a Taylor story that set some new records for sheer dishonest bullshittery: “What Quarantine?… Photos Show MEN CLEANING TX EBOLA VOMIT Without SUITS!”

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New Wingnut Theory (Or ‘Satire’?): Michelle Obama Never Birthed No Babies

Since this photo doesn't exist, maybe YOU DON'T EITHER! Whoa, we are all Philip K Dick today!

Since this photo doesn't exist, maybe YOU DON'T EITHER! Whoa, we are all Philip K Dick today!From the ugly world of Facebook, we received a recommendation to check out this story: “Evidence Emerges That Michelle Obama Never Birthed Malia And Sasha,” at something called “The U.S. Patriot,” whose “About” page assures us that they are “home to the best Conservative news on the internet.” Let’s see what this important story has to say!

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Shocking photos: This is what drought looks like

Lake Oroville, California

California is in the midst of a severe” drought:
In May, 100% of California was experiencing “severe” drought — the third harshest on a five-level scale — but since things have leveled off, that figure has only improved to…

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Memorial Day, in pictures

A member of U.S. Army honor guard stretches out a flag before placing it at the headstone of a grave at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington.

A group of high school students prepare to float lanterns during a ceremony marking remembrance and …

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