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The Seven Words You Can’t Say At The CDC

Evidence-based, science-based, fetuses, transgender, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity.

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Weird Alt-Right Dudes Think #NetNeutrality Has Something To Do With Banning Nazis From Twitter?

Net neutrality has exactly nothing to do with Twitter banning anyone. Literally nothing at all.

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Dear National Review Guy Who Wrote An Open Letter To The ‘Cat Person’ Girl…

Just wait til you hear about those Trainspotting guys.

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Omarosa Reportedly Hauled Out Of White House With Enormous Vaudeville Cane

Another one bites the dust.

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Let Us Frolic In This Bath Of Right-Wing Tears, Alabama Senate Election Edition

Your look at all the right-wing reactions to Doug Jones’s win in Alabama.

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Tomi Lahren So Mad At All Those Roy Moore Accuser Ladies, She Could Just Scream!

It’s all we hoped it would be and MOORE.

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Condoleezza Rice Can’t Quiiiite Endorse Doug Jones, Who Prosecuted The Men Who Murdered Her Childhood Friend

Maybe not the best time for subtlety, Condi?

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Roy Moore Supporters Just Dunning-Kruegered The Hell Out Of This Focus Group

Also this is your open thread!

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Can This Terminally Ill ALS Patient Change Jeff Flake’s Vote On The GOP Tax Scam? Let’s Hope So!

It sure would be nice!

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James O’Keefe Can’t Fundraise In Florida Anymore, On Account Of How He Is A Criminal


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