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Did Billy Joel Really Give Trump a ‘Very Kind Shoutout’ at His New York City Concert?

Donald Trump appeared to misconstrue an apparent joke Billy Joel made on him as a compliment Friday night.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, tweeted out that he had received word the legendary singer “gave a very kind shoutout” to him at hi…

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Protesters Clash With Police Outside San Diego Trump Rally, Burn ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats

Police clashed with protesters outside a Donald Trump rally Friday afternoon in San Diego, with officers at times using batons against demonstrators in their efforts to maintain order.


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In Rambling Speech, Palin Unleashes on Obama for ‘U.S. Apology Lap’ in Hiroshima

“Stupid is thinking that it’s OK on Memorial Day Weekend for the Democrat leader to take another U.S. apology lap.”

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Ouch! National Spelling Bee Burns Twitter Troll With Brutal One-Word Comeback

A Twitter troll learned Thursday that’s it’s probably a good idea to spellcheck tweets when attacking the National Spelling Bee.

During Thursday night’s competition, Kyle Chapman tweeted a foul-mouthed complaint to the organization.

Image source…

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Gawker Founder Nick Denton Pens Open Letter to ‘Thin-Skinned’ Peter Thiel, Issues Challenge to Him

“[T]his vindictive decade-long campaign is quite out of proportion to the hurt you claim.”

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Journalists Rip Fox News ‘Meet the Trumps’ Special — Particularly for This Opening Sequence

“I agree it’s like something you might see on the state-owned TV station in a tiny country somewhere.”

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Clinton Reacts to Potential Sanders-Trump Debate — Here’s What She Said

Hillary Clinton responded to talk of a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Thursday, saying on CNN that she did not take it seriously.

“Oh Wolf, this doesn’t sound like a serious discussion,” the Democratic front-runner told host Wolf Bli…

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This Is How Trump Celebrated Clinching the Republican Nomination

“Celebrating 1237!”

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Rubio Does a 180: I Will Attend GOP Convention, Speak on Behalf of Trump if Asked

“I want to be helpful.”

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Video: Anti-Trump Protesters Jump on Police Cars As Cops Become Target in Albuquerque

“Protestors are now throwing bottles and rocks at our Police Horses.”

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