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Standing Desk Movement Heads Into Schools, Studies Reveal Increased Engagement and Calorie Burn

Students in one classroom were so in tune, a teacher said she had to create more lesson plans. 

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Scientists Argue Appendix Might Not Be ‘Irrelevant’ to Our Health, Propose This as the Organ’s Current Function

“Popular belief tells us the appendix is a liability.”

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Military’s Research Agency Stops Planning Fighter Jet Satellite Launches When Things ‘Did Not Go As Predicted’

“From a performance standpoint it’s still great but from a safety standpoint…”

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Police ‘Aware of Rumors,’ Investigating After Newly Elected Mayor of Alaska’s Capital City Found Dead in Home

“One of the possibilities out there.”

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Man Fighting FBI Gag Order Finally Granted Right to Speak Fully About the Case After 11 Years

“The FBI should not be able to silence innocent critics like myself.”

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Experts Discuss ‘Line We Must Not Cross’ in the Realm of Gene Editing

“The possible social consequences are grave.”

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New Dashcam Video Shows the Moments Before Chicago Cop Fatally Shot 17-Year-Old

“In no way shape or form is there any evidence that anything was tampered with.”

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Miss World Contestant Critical of China’s Religious Policy Is Denied Entry to the Country

“I really don’t see where this insecurity comes from.”

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Chicago Public Schools Issues Lesson Help Teachers Guide Discussion on the Shooting of 17-Year-Old Laquan McDonald

“Avoid further perpetuation of the fear and hatred of law enforcement.”

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32-Second Video of a Hardback in a University’s Rare Books Collection Goes Viral — See What’s ‘Hidden’ in Its Pages

“This particular book…is unique.”

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