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Call The Joo Lawyer Cause Roy Moore Is SO SUED

‘Don’t take the law into your own hands — take ‘em to court.’

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SIXTY THREE People Arrested for ONE Bag of Weed In NOT AT ALL RACIST Party Bust

Bringing in 2018 with a bang AND a bust!

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2017: These Are The People Who Died, Died

Who’s ready to get their in Memoriam on? Death makes us weird.

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A Letter From Alabama On This Joyous, Roy Moore-less Day!

Now fuck all the way off Roy Moore!!

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Kill Us Now: Axios’s Mike Allen And Mitch McConnell Have An Event

Mike Allen AND Mitch McConnell? Are we in Hell?

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While we’re all still shrieking at the walls about Paul Ryan’s shitty grinning tax bill O-face, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s claims that the Dems told the GOP to go ahead and miss them with all that tax bill writing the Republicans absolutely BEGGED them for help with, let’s take a quick moment to stand in […]

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Everyone in Congress Is FREAKING OUT About Possible Rumored Sex Scandal Bombshell List

It’s about to be all of Congress’s time in the barrel.

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Kentucky Pastor Molester Lawmaker’s Widow Vows To Finish Work Dead Husband Started

She seems terrible.

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Paul Ryan Considering Retiring, Just As Soon As He Makes It Impossible For Anyone Else To

Gee, stealing from the poor to give to the rich just isn’t FUN when you have to WORK at it!

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Mo Brooks’s Prostate Knows What It Did

We are very glad Rep. Mo Brooks has such good insurance. Now we’d like it for everyone, please.

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