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California to release 2018 insurance rates amid uncertainty

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Tactics, events that defined Joe Arpaio’s career as sheriff

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Open thread for night owls: Some dispatches from America’s urban resistance

Jimmy Tobias at The Nation writes—These Cities Are Putting Our Fractious Federal Government to Shame. Dispatches from the Urban Resistance, from Denver to Minneapolis

This country’s problems, everyone knows, started long before Trump and will outlast him too. In the United States, in 2016, before our current president took office, police killed at least 309 black people in cities across the country, the Mapping Police Violence project has reported. During the final fiscal year of President Obama’s tenure, federal enforcers deported more than 240,000 undocumented immigrants. A report out last year by the economist Thomas Piketty and his colleagues showed that US income inequality has continued to grow more severe. Private health care in this country is a laughingstock, and will get much worse if the GOP has its way. Our national parks are in disrepair, and our roads and bridges and highways are falling apart. We’re in the midst of a mass-extinction crisis. We’re at war. Climate change has arrived.

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All of these are long-accruing, generational crises. They can’t be blamed on a single administration, no matter how violent and vile, no matter how racist and reactionary. Folks understand that fact. They act on it. And in the last month, as in the many months before, they have been busy, busy, busy: In small cities and huge metropolitan centers, in the heartland and the high plains and beyond, good people have mobilized against ongoing police violence, resisted the deportation state’s creeping authoritarianism, organized against plutocratic tax policies, and launched electoral campaigns with bold and radical platforms, among other promising progressive developments. These are people who, at this very moment, are working to clean up the systemic corruption that has beset us, and of which Trump is just a particularly grotesque consequence. Even last week’s sordid Scaramucci burlesque couldn’t distract them. [...]

More than 130 local elected officials from around the country arrived in Austin, Texas, in late July for the annual gathering of Local Progress, a nationwide network of progressive council members, mayors, and more that pushes for “a strong economy, equal justice, livable cities and effective government.” Larry Krasner, the civil-rights attorney running to be Philadelphia’s next district attorney, was there. So was Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, the young leftist member of Chicago’s City Council. Tishaura Jones, the St. Louis treasurer who ran a bold campaign to be the city’s mayor last fall, attended, as did Greg Casar, the Austin city councilman who has led the fight against Texas’s vicious anti-immigrant law SB 4. And there were many others as well—officials from Berkeley to Denver, from Indianapolis to Albany, from Flagstaff to Tacoma to Kansas City.

They came for panels and workshops and meetings on a range of topics, including discussions about strategies to resist Trump’s Department of Justice, fight back against right-wing preemption laws, and build renewable-energy infrastructure at the local level. They also came to protest. During the first day of the gathering, attendees marched to the Texas State Capitol to rally against SB 4, which imposes harsh penalties on cities and local officials that refuse to collaborate with federal immigration law enforcement in the state. Austin, among other Texas cities, has sued to overturn the law.



“Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.” 
                    ~Bob Marley, Burnin’



John Kelly just bought one of these boards from Amtrak to announce Trump White House staff changes in real time. #Scaramucci

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) July 31, 2017


Reince Priebus: 189 days.
Sean Spicer: 183 days.
Mike Dubke: 86 days.
Michel Flynn: 23 days.
Anthony Scaramucci: 10 days.

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) July 31, 2017


At on this date in 2003Pure idiocy:

Jack Kelly is a former undersecretary of the Air Force and a goddamn idiot. His idiocy must have been the key to his employment by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, which is the non-Richard Melon Scaife paper in Pittsburgh. How he missed his calling there is beyond me. Our readers corrected me and for that I am glad.

Vietnam is mostly jungle. I don’t like jungles, but guerrillas do. There is plenty of cover and concealment. There is plenty of water. There are a lot of things to eat. Creepy crawly yucky things, but you can eat them if you have to. A large guerrilla force can live, relatively securely, in jungles for long periods. Iraq is mostly desert. Desert offers little cover or concealment, less food and water.

No. Iraq is one of the most urbanized countries on earth. Most Iraqis live in cities. Not that deserts have stopped rebellions. But then you would have to read history to know that. They have maps of this, you know.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: An all-new, pre-recorded show to help you hit the ground running. Why Zombie Treasoncare isn’t dead yet. Putin pre-retaliates on sanctions. How Donald Trump’s first licensing deal went south, but he still managed to pay off the mob and scam a Cadillac or two out of it.

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Idaho turns on Trump in wake of big health insurance premium hikes, demands Congress act

Campaign Action

This is something you don’t see … ever. Idaho’s very Republican insurance commissioner is very pissed at popular vote loser Donald Trump and the Republican over big Affordable Care Act premium increases announced by insurers—an average 38 percent hike, with 50 percent hikes for some silver plans.

Idaho said the proposed increase for silver plans was because of “the potential refusal by the federal government to fund the cost share reduction mechanism.”

Insurers are required under law to lower co-pays and deductibles for lower-income Obamacare customers, with the government reimbursing them. But the Trump administration has not decided if it will make the payments in 2018.

President Trump has repeatedly said he wants to let Obamacare implode as a way to get Democrats on board for repealing the law.

Idaho’s insurance director, Dean Cameron, said the uncertainty is leading to price increases.

“I call on Congress to either repeal the CSR requirement or fund the program,” he said. “That action alone would reduce the proposed increase by at least 20 percent on the silver plans.”

Idaho’s is an oddity among red states in that it chose to create its own exchanges, though it did not take Medicaid expansion. The state has actually invested in making it work, and has had healthy enrollments. So the anger on the part of Cameron, a former Republican state legislator, is real. At the same time, the state’s not in any danger of its congressional delegation doing a damned thing about this.

However, this kind of criticism coming from a state like Idaho should make Republicans who maybe care about their jobs consider doing something before it gets much, much worse.

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The heat is really on

Every June some friend of mine here in Texas can be heard stating “it’s gonna be a hot summer!” At which point everyone in earshot will look at the dude, probably wondering if he thinks that’s funny, or if it’s possible Captain Obvious here really doesn’t understand what latitude and hemisphere Texas occupies. Summers in the southwest are always hot, but August is usually the most brutal month of them all. Back-to-back triple digit days are the norm. And don’t give us any of that “dry heat” nonsense either (I’m looking at you, Florida!). When it’s over 100 degrees for hours on end, it can kill in record time, no matter how dry it is.

As if the desert southwest needed more heat at this time of year, here’s a cheery observation:

This year’s scorching summer events, like heat waves rolling through southern Europe and temperatures nearing 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Pakistan, are part of this broader trend. The chart above, based on data from James Hansen, a retired NASA climate scientist and professor at Columbia University, shows how summer temperatures have shifted toward more extreme heat over the past several decades. … Practically, that means most summers are now either hot or extremely hot compared with the mid-20th century.

Well, maybe we don’t have it quite that bad in Texas, yet. It’s not likely to hit 130. But the first crisp cool front, usually in mid to late September, sure seems a longs ways off right about now.

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Michele Bachmann gushes that President Donald Trump is a ‘man of prayer’

Michele Bachmann, former congresswoman from Minnesota who has been very vocal about her Christian faith in the past, was a guest on Jan Markell’s “Understanding…

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Report: Kellyanne Conway being eyed as Anthony Scaramucci’s replacement

In an exclusive statement obtained by The Daily Caller, a White House official made claims on Monday that Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump,…

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Bombshell report claims that Scaramucci was hired for one reason only — hence his hasty departure

The New York Times on Monday reported — along with several other outlets — that former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was hired for one…

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Rush Limbaugh: ‘Mooch, you gotta mooch off somebody else now, because it’s over!’

Right-wing talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh reacted live on his show as the news broke Monday that President Trump had fired Anthony Scaramucci from the…

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YIKES: Donald Trump Is The One Responsible For The Russian Meeting Lies

Just as the dust had begun to settle on the Russian meeting scandal – where Donald Trump Jr. was forced to admit he did meet with a Russian lawyer during the campaign – the Washington Post has a new story out this evening that does not look good for President Donald Trump. One of the more controversial aspects of the original story was that Trump | Read More »

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