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Nightclub massacre bodycam video documents officer response

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Comey OK’d to testify; House committee issues subpoenas

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Housing chief steps up public profile in coming weeks

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Open thread for night owls: People’s Budget offers ‘roadmap to resistance’ against Trump budget

Christopher D. Cook at The Progressive writes—Fiscal Fightback: Trump’s Budget Could Ignite Progressive Uprising:

[...] Despite its dubious prospects for passage (even some Republicans are declaring it dead on arrival), Trump’s budget could be progressives’ best arsenal for sustained mass resistance. It’s time for a “fiscal fightback” that builds nationwide awareness and resistance—one that fuels progressive electoral and policy alternatives for 2018 and beyond. [...]


Trump’s budget ramps up military and border patrol spending while cutting hundreds of billions from antipoverty programs—cuts that “would hit hardest many of the economically strained voters who propelled the President into office,” The New York Times reported. This includes, over the next decade, “slashing more than $800 billion from Medicaid, the federal health program for the poor, while slicing $192 billion from nutritional assistance and $272 billion overall from welfare programs.”

As moral documents, budgets elucidate political vision and priorities better than any rhetoric. Trump’s budget, titled “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” is no aberration; it fits neatly with the longstanding GOP agenda of enriching the wealthy while making poor and working-class people more economically desperate and exploitable. [...]

There’s a ready-made alternative that Democrats and others can run on—what the Congressional Progressive Caucus calls a “roadmap for the resistance,” also known as the “People’s Budget.”

With its populist frame of moving America “from Austerity to Prosperity,” the People’s Budget provides for massive infrastructure and public works job-creation, promising 8.4 million “good paying jobs by 2018.”

While Trump’s budget proposes a mirage of 3 percent growth by gutting government regulations and gifting huge tax breaks for the rich and corporations, the People’s Budget would invest $1.9 trillion—including direct job creation for communities to rehabilitate parks and public lands, expand early childhood development programs, and upgrade public education infrastructure and staffing. [...]

Peoples Budget



“Trembling with fear and distrust of the palefaces, my teeth chattering from the chilly ride, I crept noiselessly in my soft moccasins along the narrow hall, keeping very close to the bare wall. I was as frightened and bewildered as the captured young of a wild creature.”
~Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Yankton Dakota)  upon arriving, age 8, at a missionary school for Indians. “Impressions of an Indian Childhood,” The Atlantic, January 1900



After Replacing Detention With Meditation, An All Black School Has Zero Suspensions

— Crystal Johnson (@Crystal1Johnson) May 30, 2017


At Daily Kos on this date in 2006Cheers: Wednesday:

If I may be so bold as to suggest that yesterday’s news sucked…

Wall Street tanked (again), over a thousand more U.S. troops are going into Iraq to help Bush turn more corners, the Pentagon admits the insurgency is going to get worse, Afghanistan is falling apart, the death toll from the Indonesian earthquake is up to nearly six thousand, consumer confidence dropped in May, they didn’t find Jimmy Hoffa (dammit…he’s still got my watch), home foreclosures are on the rise, there’s an investigation underway regarding a massacre of civilians in Iraq by our guys, a major car company is recalling a million vehicles because of faulty steering wheels (enjoy your commute this morning, Toyota owners), the Supreme Court squished federal whistleblowers under its thumb, a brick nearly went through our TV when Bill O’Reilly accused Jack Murtha last night of wanting to “cut and run,” plus…

One year after her disappearance, Natalie Holloway astonishingly remains the #1 story in the media universe (now that American Idol has temporarily moved off the front page).

And if that wasn’t bad enough, now we learn that global warming is going to cause a worldwide outbreak of mutant poison ivy.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, it’s the Greg Dworkin and Armando in the Morning show! While the KITMHQ fridge was not being repaired, there was polling news to parse, a Trump typo to laugh at, the Virginia primary to ponder, and a Dem Unity proposal with which to become incensed.

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Hillary Hits Peak Conspiracy: Covfefe Is A Secret Message To The Russians

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at Codecon, an event in California, that President Donald Trump using the word “covfefe” was a hidden message to the Russians. Hillary Clinton […]

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Philippine president mocks Chelsea Clinton in obscenity-laden rant over rape ‘joke’

Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, unleashed an obscenity-strewn rant mocking Chelsea Clinton for calling him a “thug” over his terrible joke about absolving…

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Is ‘House of Cards’ still relevant in a world with a President Trump?

The basis of most fiction is conflict and drama. The depiction of government and politics in fiction lends itself well to this idea. God knows there’s enough conflict to go around, whether it’s a conflict of philosophies, ideas, or personalities. And most fictional political conflict is usually based in corruption and egocentrism. For these reasons, more often than not, government in fiction is a tool of the evil used to perpetrate evil for power and control. Either the very nature of government is portrayed as evil, or its shown to be secretly run by a cabal of evil people (or evil aliens disguised as people) that are stealing taxpayer funds to use on hookers and blow.

Last week, I wrote about a right-wing, media-driven conspiracy theory and the types of people who wanted to believe it. Whether it be something like DNC hitmen roaming the streets, people who want to believe we faked landing on the Moon, the idea the United States government has flying saucers at Area 51, or the theory that the streets of Washington, D.C. were designed to represent a Satanic pentagram, it buys into the above notion hook, line, and sinker. Never mind that these would require a massive undertaking by which hundreds, if not thousands, of people have kept a secret with such precision and efficiency that all proof for such operations do not exist.

It also obscures the fact the reality we know is more Veep-like, usually. Instead of competent and evil, we’re ruled by people who are stupid and evil. And, honestly, maybe it’s a saving grace.

The return of Netflix’s House of Cards for its fifth season brings us back to the world of fictional U.S. President Frank Underwood, who is most definitely more of the evil bastard variety. Based on the novel by Michael Dobbs and the Andrew Davies BBC series of the same name, the series presents a Washington, D.C., populated by easily manipulated self-serving individuals, with Kevin Spacey’s Underwood being manipulator-in-chief. With season five, new showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson have taken over from Beau Willimon and continue the quest of the Underwoods to claim control of the United States government.

But much of the buzz around the series, especially now in the shadow of the Trump Administration, has included questions of whether the series, which teeters between whacked-out political soap opera and attempt to be a grand Shakespearean tragedy in which the Machiavellian moves of a protagonist continually expand out to envelop the world, now seems even more distanced from reality since we’re living under an egomaniac in the White House. 

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Former Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell Makes A Lot Of Sense For Once

I’m no fan of Mike Morrell but his take on Jared Kushner and the media rings true

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Overlooked loophole allows Mexican businessman to mock Trump with this product

A loophole that failed to cover the trademarking of “hygiene paper” in Mexico is allowing a businessman to make a statement against President Trump because…

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Crony Capitalist Threatens to Quit Advisory Position Because Crony Capitalism Has Been Disrespected

If you end cronyism, the crony capitalists leave you alone

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