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Open thread for night owls—Marcy Wheeler: The judicial dysfunction behind the Comey whiplash

Of FBI Director James Comey’s announcement of newly found emails, Marcy Wheeler at emptywheel writes—The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash:

[...] Underlying this entire controversy is another rule that DOJ and FBI claim to abide by but don’t, at all: FBI is not supposed to reveal details of ongoing investigations.



Indeed, according to the NYT, Comey pointed to the certainty that this would leak to justify his Friday letter.

But although Mr. Comey told Congress this summer that the Clinton investigation was complete, he believed that if word of the new emails leaked out — and it was sure to leak out, he concluded — he risked being accused of misleading Congress and the public ahead of an election, colleagues said.

Yet the US Attorney’s Manual, starting with this language on prejudicial information and continuing into several more clauses, makes it clear that these kinds of leaks are impermissible.

At no time shall any component or personnel of the Department of Justice furnish any statement or information that he or she knows or reasonably should know will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding.

Comey, the boss of all the FBI Agents investigating this case, had another alternative, one he should have exercised months ago when it was clear those investigating this case were leaking promiscuously: demand that they shut up, conduct investigations of who was leaking, and discipline those who were doing so. Those leaks were already affecting election year concerns, but there has been little commentary about how they, too, break DOJ rules.

But instead of trying to get FBI Agents to follow DOJ guidelines, Comey instead decided to violate them himself.

Again, that’s absolutely toxic when discussing an investigation that might affect the presidential election, but FBI’s habitual blabbing is equally toxic for a bunch of less powerful people whose investigative details get leaked by the FBI all the time. [...]




Trick or treaters barely left & people are already putting Xmas lights up. C’mon it’s not even after midnight.😠

— Ruth Hopkins (@RuthHHopkins) November 1, 2016


At Daily Kos on this date in 2007AMERICA LOVE IT

Pickup trucks are, in America, the perfect canvas for patriotism. I am the owner of an (unadorned) truck myself, so I can well appreciate the sheer square footage available for expressions of national loyalty. On a compact car, you can manage a few bumper stickers, a magnetic ribbon — the usual, which is not quite as good as a t-shirt, since t-shirts can have far more complex messages than a bumper sticker, and better than a lapel pin, since lapel pin messages are pretty much restricted to “flag — I has one”.

But a pickup is a grand canvas indeed, and the messages can be varied. In the lowest form, truck art takes the form of a cartoon Calvin pissing on something. The things Copyright Infringement Calvin will piss on seem endless — hey, he’s a rebel, he doesn’t even care about copyright law, he doesn’t follow your rules — but his hatred primarily centers around other brands of trucks.

Confederate flags are an infrequent but still familiar choice, even here in California. I have no idea why a confederate battle flag would have any emotional attachment for a California truck driver, aside from the most obvious interpretation, but there it is. “Cowboy Up” is quite popular, as are other forms of implying cowboy or cowgirlship while on the way to picking up overpriced milk at the ol’ Circle K.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: The last full week before election day! Greg Dworkin checks the weekend polls and headlines. The Comey disaster. Trump’s charity dumpster fire burns higher still. Trump lies about golf baseball. Josie Duffy Rice has more on America’s worst prosecutors. 

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What would happen if Clinton pardoned herself

Admit it. With all the accusations swirling around Hillary Clinton, the thought has likely at least crossed your mind: If elected, could Clinton pardon herself…

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Megyn Kelly weighs in on Donna Brazile controversy: ‘Can you imagine if this were a Republican?’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly weighed in on recent revelations that interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile, a former CNN contributor, gave questions to Hillary…

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FBI Speeds Up Investigation Into Newly Revealed Emails

The Los Angeles Times reports that the FBI accelerated its timeline for reviewing the newly revealed emails the FBI Director James Comey told Congress appear pertinent to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while serving as Secretary of State: Investigators had planned to conduct the review over several weeks but, after a torrent of criticism over the weekend, began scrambling | Read More »

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Howard, Hawks beat Kings for 3-0 start

ATLANTA (AP) — Dwight Howard had 18 points, Kyle Korver and Dennis Schroder scored 17 points apiece, and the Atlanta Hawks beat the Sacramento…

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Trump sticks to attacks, insults, hoping to overtake Clinton

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Donald Trump plunged into his final-week sprint to Election Day Monday decidedly on his terms: unleashing a harsh new…

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What is your favorite scary movie?

For most people, Halloween is a holiday where little kids put on costumes and go trick-or-treating around neighborhoods. And it’s also a day where grown ups get to play dress up and make fools of themselves. But what is Halloween without a scary story?…

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State media: 13 dead, 20 missing in China coal mine blast

BEIJING (AP) — Thirteen people have been found dead after a gas explosion in a Chinese coal mine and the status is unknown of 20 others still…

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Here are the latest scores from today’s sports events:

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ICC gets support after 3 withdrawals, but Kenya is critical

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Many countries pledged support for the International Criminal Court on Monday following the announced withdrawal by three…

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