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This List Shows Hillary Doesn’t Really Care About Veterans

The media has relentlessly been attacking Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, over his charity efforts for veterans, demanding he verify every penny he said he raised. Hillary Clinton seemingly coordinated […]

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In order to advance his career (again), Sen. Ted Cruz seeks new friends—gullibility a plus

Now that failed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz has gone back to his day job of being the most disliked person in Washington, he apparently has come to the realization that being the most disliked person in Washington is not, in general, a winning career path. So he’s going to make an effort to be nicer, apparently. He’s going to put on his best Hannibal Lecter smile and cook a nice meal for his new friends.

And the first step to improving his rancorous relationships, the Texas senator’s allies say, will be to help them keep their Senate seats. The freshman senator wants to return to the campaign trail this fall as a conservative surrogate for Republicans aiming to turn out the GOP base, they say.

Of course, there could be a problem with this plan: It would require his colleagues to appear in public with Ted Cruz, and many of them aren’t eager to do that because of the whole most-disliked-person-in-Washington thing. It also probably won’t help that, as with seemingly every other thing Ted Cruz has ever done, he’s clearly only doing it for himself. He doesn’t want to help anyone, he just needs some of the people he’s called cowards and sell-outs to owe him something.

As Cruz preps for reelection in 2018 and eyes a 2020 presidential bid, there’s a tacit recognition among some members of his political circle that the opposition he faced from his own Republican colleagues was a real problem for his candidacy as the primary field dwindled. Only three senators publicly endorsed him, and the bad blood Cruz engendered over the years among Republicans prevented him from coalescing the anti-Trump crowd when he needed to most.

Which really puts the worst possible spin on Ted Cruz’s supposed new helpfulness.

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Donald Trump pivots to the general election: Festivus edition

In today’s edition of Donald Trump pivots to general election mode, we learn that Republicans are beginning to worry that Donald Trump does not know how to pivot to general election mode. Instead, the remainder of the summer looks like it will be dedicated to a season-long Airing of Grievances.

During his first big campaign swing since locking up the Republican presidential nomination, Trump went after an odd and seemingly random group of people — Democrats and Republicans, famous and obscure. There seemed little to gain politically from the attacks, and his targets were linked by just one thing: Trump felt they had all done him wrong.

From Republicans like New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and ex-presidential-contender Mitt Romney to a district judge hearing a lawsuit against him, it appears that Donald Trump merely wanted to become the Republican nominee so that he would be given a bigger stage for shouting about people who had wronged him in his life.

The attack on [Martinez] stunned many Republicans, who are not accustomed to a nominee who will throw one of their own to an angry mob.

It’s very hard to believe there is something Republicans aren’t accustomed to, these days. But it seems they’ll have many future opportunities to get used to it. Donald Trump isn’t just a winner—he’s a sore winner. A very, very, very, very sore winner.

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The U.S. Navy Just Revealed A FUTURISTIC Weapon That Will Change Warfare FOREVER!!

Global warfare may just have been changed forever with this new weapon just revealed by the U.S. Navy, and the stats on it are absolutely mind-boggling. From the Wall Street […]

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‘I Have Found The Ultimate Joy’: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Opens Up About Her Faith

“We are made to LOVE.”

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Rapper Snoop Dog Is SICK Of THIS! Liberals Are Furious!

Rapper Snoop Dogg is an icon in the black community, but his latest tirade is going to really anger those who want to wallow in self-pity over slavery in our […]

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Sure, Marco Rubio could run for re-election, but there are a ton of good reasons not to

Over the holiday weekend, Marco Rubio upgraded his odds of seeking re-election from “unlikely” to “maybe“—at least, if his “real good friend,” Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, weren’t already running for the GOP nod. Said Rubio of CLC, “I think he’s put in time and energy to it and he deserves the chance to see where he can take it,” and perhaps he means it: Rubio held a previously scheduled conference call with Lopez-Cantera donors on Friday rather than beg off, which you might have expected him to do if he were really interested in perpetuating his Senate career.

Lopez-Cantera is also making a show of staying put, though his campaign’s comments weren’t exactly emphatic. Said a spokesperson, “Senator Rubio has been supportive of Lopez-Cantera’s candidacy. I’ll let that speak for itself.” But it’s really not CLC that Rubio would have to worry about. There are four other Republicans in the race, and at least two of them sound a lot more determined to hang tough.

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Virginia appeals court declines to rehear transgender bathroom case

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday denied a request for the full court to rehear a case in which a three-judge panel had sided with a transgender student in a bathroom dispute.

After the panel found that the Gloucester County School District had violated Title IX nondiscrimination protections by barring a male transgender student from using the male restroom, the district’s school board asked all 15 judges in the circuit to review the case. From the ALCU press release:

The court today denied the Gloucester County School Board’s request for an en banc review of an April decision which held that Title IX protects the rights of transgender students to use school restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

“Now that the Fourth Circuit’s decision is final, I hope my school board will finally do the right thing and let me go back to using the boys’ restroom again,” said Gavin Grimm, the high school junior who is the plaintiff in the case. “Transgender kids should not have to sue their own school boards just for the ability to use the same restrooms as everyone else.”

The school board could appeal the April ruling to the Supreme Court, but the likelihood of the court hearing the case seems low. The Fourth Circuit decision was a first-of-its-kind ruling and the justices would be more likely to take up the question if a different appeals court ruled another way, producing a circuit split on the issue. 

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California’s Central Valley has a water problem worse than Flint’s—and a bill to solve it

Matheny Tract sits deep in the bowl of California’s Central Valley, an area that’s been hit hard by the prolonged drought. Like the nearby community of East Porterville, Matheny is seeing wells run dry, but before East Porterville became famous as the town that dried up, it shared a different kind of water problem with Matheny—one that also affects hundreds of other small, mostly Latino communities in the area.

The Flint lead crisis has made us think of tainted water as an urban problem, aging pipes slowly poisoning the children of poor communities. But a huge amount of America’s substandard drinking water is actually consumed in all but invisible rural areas like Matheny Tract. Roughly a third of the 1,200 or so people here live in poverty, some in tattered doublewides on the brink of collapse. Already in precarious financial circumstances, they find themselves paying twice for water—once for the tainted well water coming out of the tap, and then again for bottled water they can actually drink.

Both Matheny Tract and East Porterville suffered from water that’s not high in lead … it’s high in arsenic. Arsenic poisoning is one of the most widespread issues with drinking water. Around the world, more than 100 million people regularly drink from sources that are high in arsenic. Low levels of arsenic can cause behavioral change, headaches, and nausea. Longer term exposure is connected to heart disease, cancer, and eventually to coma and death. It is not something you want in your water.

But after decades of political neglect, Matheny Tract and similar communities are now at the forefront of legislation built on a legal idea that has gained increasing attention in the past decade in the developing world: the “human right to water.”

California’s “right to water” legislation elevates access to safe drinking water to a right shared by every human being. The bill was first passed by the California legislature seven years ago, but then-Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the act. It was finally passed in 2012 and signed by Jerry Brown.

Until now, that bill has been little more than symbolic. But thanks to follow-up legislation that includes an enforcement mechanism, that’s about to change.

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Indiana Lawmakers Reject Obama’s Stimulus Success Story

When President Barack Obama first visited Elkhart, Indiana in March 2009, the county’s unemployment rate had just spiked to 18.9 percent—the highest in the country…. Read More

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