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Veteran Miami officer named police chief in Ferguson

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — A veteran Miami police officer with two decades of experience dealing with the media and community leaders will take over as…

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Coyotes-Stars Sums

1 0 0—1

1 2 1—4

First Period_1, Arizona, Hanzal 13 (Domi, Duclair), 17:07. 2,…

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CIA ‘Inadvertently’ Left ‘Explosive Training Material’ on Va. School Bus After Training Exercise

The Central Intelligence Agency said Thursday that it “inadvertently” left “explosive training material” on a Virginia school bus after one of its K-9 units completed a routine training exercise last week.

In a statement, the agency said it had used…

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Open thread for night owls. Senator Warren calls for total overhaul of student loan program

“One of the first things that must be done is a total reform of student loan servicing to make sure nothing like the Navient disaster ever, ever happens again.” —Senator Elizabeth Warren

At Common Dreams, Nika Knight writes—Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls for Total Overhaul of Student Loan System:

“It’s long past time for the Department of Education’s bank to clean up its act and start running the student loan program to benefit students—not private companies,” declared Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Wednesday as she announced a plan (pdf) for the Department of Education (DOE) to completely overhaul its student loan servicing system.

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Earlier this month, the Democrat from Massachusetts roundly condemned the DOE for putting the desires of the student loan industry over the needs of students, referring to a scandal in which the DOE protected one of the country’s largest loan companies (Navient, formerly known as Sallie Mae) from repercussions for defrauding U.S. service members.

Warren this week followed up that earlier critique with a detailed, five-point plan for reform.

“When a private company breaks the law and steals from American soldiers who are literally in the field fighting overseas, those companies should be held accountable,” Warren argued. “Everyone in government who is serious about standing up for the tens of millions of student loan borrowers in this country should embrace [these reforms].” [...]


I’ve laid out 5 simple reform fundamentals for @usedgov’s student loan program to clean up its act. #studentdebt

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 30, 2016

“We shouldn’t be running the student loan program to create profits for private companies. We should run it for students,” Warren said.



Four states ban local bans on plastic bags. Others are trying to do the same.

This week, Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law banning local jurisdictions from imposing plastic ban bags. Last week, Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed a law prohibiting taxing or otherwise restricting plastic grocery bags. Also last week, Republican Gov. C.L. Butch Otter of Idaho put his pen to a bill banning plastic bag bans even though there isn’t a city in the state that has passed such a ban. 

Last April, the Arizona state legislature and Republican Gov. Douglas Ducey got the ball rolling with a ban on local government restrictions on plastic bags, bottles, foam containers, cans and boxes. 

The Missouri legislature tried to ban plastic bag bans last summer, but Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill. 

In California, which has a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags, foes of the law obtained enough signatures to put the ban up for a citizen referendum this November.



Two out of the three GOP candidates left have both publicly eaten pizza with a knife and fork. Our republic cannot survive this election.

— Gary Legum (@GaryLegum) March 31, 2016


At Daily Kos on this date in 2011Rhee tries to shift the blame for suspicious DC test scores:

Let’s look at the timeline. When a highly suspicious pattern of wrong-to-right erasures and changed answers on tests was first flagged in 2008, Rhee’s administration declined to investigate, and she touted some of the questionable schools as top performers and doled out bonuses to teachers and principals. After another year of suspicious results, a cursory investigation was held but results were not released. Then, this week, when USA Today published its investigation—an article she’d refused to comment for—Rhee’s response was to talk about her enemies and their flat-earth beliefs.

And now that refusing to comment to USA Today and lashing out have failed her, Rhee’s response is to try to pin the suspicious results on a few bad apples and piously call for increased security.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning showGreg Dworkin says not only does no one like Trump, his abortion stance has everyone fighting. And not just with him! Rosalyn MacGregor on the Flint water crisis. TFW you spend your life in politics, then find out that makes you “establishment,” so you suck. 

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MAG: Porn and the Threat to Virility…

MAG: Porn and the Threat to Virility…(Second column, 9th story, link)

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Officials searching for CIA, FBI badge counterfeiter…

Officials searching for CIA, FBI badge counterfeiter…(Second column, 10th story, link)Related stories:PAPER: Art of Forgery…

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Cash for Cardinal’s luxury pad sparks Vatican probe…

Cash for Cardinal’s luxury pad sparks Vatican probe…(Second column, 12th story, link)

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FAT PLANET: One in eight adults now obese…

FAT PLANET: One in eight adults now obese…(Third column, 4th story, link)Related stories:641 million…Most ‘super’ fat live in USA…WIRE: The World May Have Too Much Food…

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END OF AN ERA: WALMART FIRST-EVER SALES DROP…(Third column, 1st story, link)

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Five more San Francisco officers found exchanging racist, homophobic texts…

Five more San Francisco officers found exchanging racist, homophobic texts…(Third column, 8th story, link)

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