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Inside the NYPD’s Extraordinary, Heavily-Armed Security Perimeter in the Heart of New York City

“[W]e will remain at a heightened state of vigilance…”

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Climate change conference

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Open thread for night owls. Hertsgaard: Leading proposals at Paris could be disastrous

At The Nation, Mark Hertsgaard writes that the emissions-controlling proposals pushed by the most powerful governments represented in the Paris climate talks would produce a disastrous result:

“There is such a thing as being too late,” Obama said today in his speech to the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. “And when it comes to climate change, that hour is almost upon us. But if we act here, if we act now, if we place our short-term interests behind [those of our children’s future], then we won’t be too late for them.”


This lofty rhetoric, however, clashes with the actual proposals the United States, China, and other big powers are putting forward at the summit. As Obama noted, more than 180 countries have outlined pledges for future reductions in heat-trapping emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. But the combined effect of these voluntary pledges—even assuming, generously, that each is fully implemented—would still result in global emissions continuing to increase for decades to come, soaring well past the goal of limiting temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above the level that prevailed prior to the Industrial Revolution. Temperatures would instead rise to 2.7 to 3.5 C above the pre-industrial level, a catastrophic amount.

How catastrophic? Bear in mind, 2 degrees is often described as a “safe” guardrail, but the latest science and real-world observations demonstrate that in fact it marks the threshold between “dangerous” and “extremely dangerous” warming. [...] Man-made warming has already increased temperatures by 1 degree C above pre-industrial levels, worsening droughts, heat waves, and storms, with predictable impacts on crop yields, rural incomes, and hunger in much of Africa and other poor regions.

Thus the majority of the world’s governments urge a temperature limit of 1.5 C. This view is virtually absent from the US media, perhaps because these governments represent the world’s most vulnerable nations and the US government dismisses the position as unrealistic, but the disagreement is likely to permeate the rest of the Paris summit. [...]

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Angered by investigative pieces involving Columbia journos, Exxon threatens future funds for university – @politico

— David Folkenflik (@davidfolkenflik) December 1, 2015

Blast from the Past

At Daily Kos on this date in 2010Federal worker pay freeze is unjustified and ineffective:

Here’s a shocker for you: rich people don’t create jobs. Demand creates jobs. And demand is created when the vast majority of people, lower and middle class people, feel secure enough in their lives to spend some of their very hard earned cash.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers has stated that extending tax cuts for the wealthy is a bad idea. In fact, there’s very good evidence that low tax rates at the top depress the economy. Low tax rates encourage the already wealthy to keep even more funds for themselves by cutting staff and reducing benefits. […]

What does work? Making sure that lower and middle class workers have enough funds on hand to meet their immediate needs. Which is why freezing the pay of federal workers is far, far worse for the economy than allowing the tax cuts to expire for the wealthy. It could be seriously (and convincingly) argued that raising tax rates for corporations and the wealthy would actually be good for the economy. It can’t be argued that imposing a $60 billion penalty on middle class workers — which is exactly what this is — will do anything but retard economic growth and reduce job production.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Another holiday marred by a mass shooting. Greg Dworkin presents the latest 2016 headlines & environmental issues polling. David Waldman rounds up holiday GunFAIL & related issues. Even after the latest attack, conservatives insist on denying there’s any such thing as anti-choice violence.

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Book: Schumer ‘Mischievously’ Used ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Term Privately to Irritate Liberal Activists

“[O]ver the strong objections of progressives…”

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The very white and European ‘Gods of Egypt’

There was a movie back in the ‘90s called White Man’s Burden that starred John Travolta and Harry Belafonte. Its premise was an alt-history where Africans colonized North America and Europeans are the oppressed underclass in the United States. The film wasn’t that great, but it did have a scene that’s stuck with me and gets across why diversity in media and society is important. Travolta’s character is discriminated against and treated like dirt by his black employers. He comes home and takes his son to a toy store, only to be reminded of his place in society when all of the toys in the store are of black characters. I watched the film as a kid, and it was the first time I can remember thinking about how not being represented in society, whether it be in government or in the everyday functions of living, can affect people and create feelings of alienation. It’s something most take for granted, especially this time of year when they walk into department stores and are surrounded by posters and ads of smiling white people.

It’s interesting to analyze how diversity, or the lack thereof, is covered in the media and how, in itself, it can be part of the problem. Because whether or not something is multi-ethnic or egalitarian is more than just counting up the numbers to see if there’s parity across demographics. The true problem is the inherent bias which values white and male as being the “default,” and any deviation from that default is considered special and noteworthy to the point of reclassifying it if someone has a high enough melanin count or lacking a penis. It’s no longer just a “good movie,” it’s a “good black movie,” or a “good feminist movie” with all of the stigmas and marketing biases that exist within those stereotypes. 

And it’s because of that default status one ends up with a situation like Gods of EgyptThe upcoming film is a fantasy epic from director Alex Proyas, which has been the subject of a scathing backlash for having an almost all-white cast portraying Egyptians and Egyptian deities. In response, both Proyas and the movie’s distributor, Lionsgate, issued statements over the weekend apologizing for the casting decisions that were made. This has led some to speculate whether we’ve reached a critical mass for race and roles in Hollywood. An example of where we are in 2015 is that it would be totally untenable to just put some brown makeup on Yul Brynner and Edward G. Robinson and call them Egyptians.

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Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance Donning ‘Safety Smock’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — The man accused in the shooting rampage at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic made his first court appearance Monday and learned that he will face first-degree murder charges in the deaths of three people killed in th…

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Syrian Immigration Poses ‘Grave National Security Threat,’ Conservative Leaders Say

Conservative leaders, including a former U.S. attorney general and a previous chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, are warning that the United States is putting its… Read More

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Ted Cruz Says There’s One ‘Simple & Undeniable Fact’ Media ‘Doesn’t Report’ About Violent Criminals

“The media doesn’t report that.”

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Media Smear Ted Cruz: He Did Not Claim Robert Dear Is A Transgendered Leftist Activist

Laziness and sloppiness have become all too common traits among modern day journalists and reporters. Media bias is easy for journalists to wave away. They see accusations of bias simply as an excuse, largely made up by Republicans and conservatives in order to deflect away from their own mistakes or incompetence (or my favorite, “tough reporting”). I think a lot of journalists truly believe what | Read More »

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Bermuda Hotel Cancels Heritage Scholar’s Speeches on Marriage for Being ‘Anti-Diversity’

A Bermuda hotel canceled two events this week because the organizers believe marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Ryan T. Anderson, a… Read More

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