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Newly-Released Clinton Email Had a Set of Instructions for Recipients: ‘Delete After Reading’

 “Pis don’t forward…”

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Open thread for night owls: Tennessee county’s commissioners say no way to privatizing a prison

private prisons

Donald Cohen is the founder executive director of In the Public Interest, a resource and policy center that focuses on privatizing and contracting. He writes:

Last week, in a powerful affirmation of the common good, commissioners in Tennessee’s Johnson County unanimously opposed the privatization of the state prison within their county’s limits. A response to fears that the state government could soon outsource management of the Northeast State Correctional Complex, the resolution reads like a checklist of what democracy and public control can provide a community.

The “no” vote was prompted by the state government’s recent exploration of outsourcing the management of state properties, including prisons, hospitals, parks and even the University of Tennessee. State officials have also been trying to manage a shortage of prison officers after introducing a controversial overtime policy statewide to cut costs.
But the Johnson County commissioners recognize that outsourcing isn’t the answer: “Any type of privatization would be detrimental to our county, citizens and staff of Northeast Correctional Complex.” They also honored public service by dedicating a day each year in recognition of the prison’s current staff.

This is an important stand, not only because outsourcing often worsens conditions for both staff and prisoners, but because Johnson County joins a growing list of communities taking common sense action on criminal justice. Like Florida’s Hillsborough County, which recently decided to allow their sheriff’s office to handle probation services rather than a for-profit company in legal trouble in another state. And Benton County in Oregon, where a new public jail project that is gaining support would provide drug and alcohol treatment, GED prep lessons and other rehabilitative programs currently unavailable to prisoners in the county.

Like Johnson County, these communities consider how they handle criminal justice to be both a moral imperative and an opportunity for quality jobs and democratic control.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2011Up for reelection, Scott Brown does his first National Guard stint in Afghanistan:

Scott Brown will return Thursday from a weeklong National Guard training in Afghanistan. He spent:

…most of his time in Kabul, where he lived, ate and trained with other troops.
The Massachusetts Republican is a lieutenant colonel in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He asked to conduct his annual training overseas, and it was his first time serving in a combat zone.

Brown specifically requested Afghanistan, according to a statement released “just hours after President Obama announced that United States special forces had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan,” but a couple days before Brown fell for a fake bin Laden death photo.

No doubt it’s just two funny coincidences that his first stint in a combat zone came when he was up for reelection and was announced immediately after bin Laden was killed.

Tweet of the Day

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: today is 100% David Waldman, although surely containing some percentage of bioaccumulated fluoropolymer additives. David eschews flossing, while embracing other oral hygiene methods. How does Dick Cheney = George Zimmerman? How does Dan Snyder = Donald Trump? Some don’t think Mt. McKinley = Mt. Denali. Police have a list of terrorist threats, some may be surprising. David devotes the rest today’s show to discussing Perfluorooctanoic acid—PFOA, AKA “C8,” and the most brazen, deadly corporate gambits in U.S. history. Dupont was able to keep the toxic effect from the public view, but not the water supply—or your body.

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Police Chief Makes Bizarre Move That’s Being Called ‘The Height Of Anti-Gun Stupidity’

Taxpayers are aghast at the massive waste of tax dollars.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Read More and Comment: Police Chief Makes Bizarre Move That’s Being Called ‘The Height Of Anti-Gun Stupidity’

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Obama Warns of ‘Submerged Countries, Abandoned Cities’ if No Action Taken to Fight Global Warming

“That moment is almost upon us.”

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As the music industry celebrates, it’s still struggling to halt the decline

Nicki Minaj performs during MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards

Last night, people across the entertainment industry gathered to honor accomplishments in music on a network that doesn’t play music anymore. MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards are like every oth…

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Sid Blumenthal Unloaded on Tea Party in ‘Confidential’ Three-Page Memo to Hillary Clinton

“The Republican Party today is a captive party.”

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To Hell With You People

Like a recurrence of herpes, Mitt Romney donors have come in from their five star resorts again, taken their silver feet out of their mouths again, and yet again beat the drum for Mitt Romney 2016. These people have all the makings of a cult without a comet or a Scientologist to take them away from us. Seriously, to hell with you people. You guys | Read More »

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And now for Deep Thoughts with Donald Trump

For those that don’t think a wall (fence) works, why don’t they suggest taking down the fence around the White House? Foolish people!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 31, 2015

Donald J. Trump: super genius.

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Merkel and refugees

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Liz Cheney on the ‘gratitude’ Americans have for her torture-supporting father

I’m not sure why Bush administration Vice President Dick Cheney and his offspring Liz continue to pair up for their Sunday show appearances, unless we’re just preparing for the inevitable day when master kicks the bucket and apprentice must advocate f…

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