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Michigan Union Bosses Deploy ‘Scarcely Coherent’ Argument For Right to Work Repeal

If public officials legally empower union bosses to represent employees who don’t want a union as well as those who do, the law “must” also empower them to force the unwilling employees to pay union dues or fees.  Otherwise, such employees will get what forced-unionism supporters call a “free ride.” As the recent Detroit News [...]

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MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: Supreme Court and Contraception

On MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, I break down the latest Supreme Court developments regarding reproductive freedom.

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MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: The Grandfather Clause

Today on MSNBC, I joined ThinkProgress’ Igor Volsky and Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar to discuss President Obama’s move to tweak the grandfather clause in the Affordable Care Act.

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NSA Nagging

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GOP Blessings

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German Art Funnies

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German Art Funnies

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Obamacare Weightlifting

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Media Silent While Obama Makes New Power Grab

With all the talk about the failures of Obamacare and dismal economic numbers, something happened last week that you may have missed. On Friday afternoon, which means it was overlooked by most members of the media, Barack Obama issued an executive order which could bring sweeping new power to himself and could allow him to […]

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Obama X Ray Specs and Liberty

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